Means and Logistics

Means and Logistics

Human Capital

To stand at the forefront and comply with national and international requirements, Supratours has implemented a stringent recruitment process. The pillars of our human resources policy are geared towards road safety and quality of service to provide travelers with a team of professional drivers.

- A scientific hiring policy that includes personality tests*, internships and supervision by experienced drivers and training specialists.
- A sizeable training program developed with dedicated organizations and professionals specializing in: driving, mechanics, first aid, good citizenship and road safety education.

*Personality tests are provided in dedicated ONCF center, which are renowned for their quality of training and professionalism.

Our coach fleet

Since its creation, SUPRATOURS positioned itself on high quality amenities, in particular by resorting exclusively to modern, comfortable and secure coaches.
These vehicles enjoy a lifespan of five years before being replaced.

SUPRATOURS managers and fleet managers closely monitor the release of new models and ensure fleet renewal by systematically opting for top of the line models. Coaches are purchased in full ownership by SUPRATOURS.
Maintenance is carried for the most part by internal teams, which, over the years and growth of the fleet have acquired considerable experience. The aim being to carry out the maintenance work in the best possible conditions, and with the clear objective of minimizing road safety risks. 
The average age of the SUPRATOURS coach fleet is 2.5 years.